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Strategic Plan

The AIDA Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015 sets out the strategic direction of our organisation over the next five years and the ways we intend to get there. Our Strategic Plan also includes the cultural and professional values, principles and perspectives that we believe makes our organisation, and people, unique and valuable within the Australian health system.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have equitable health and life outcomes.

We do this by:

  • providing a unique medical and cultural perspective on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health;
  • maintaining links between traditional and contemporary medicine;
  • growing and supporting current and future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander doctors.


Our work is underpinned by the:

  • need to be respectful and reflective of our connections to the past, present and future;
  • pursuit of social justice, Indigenous and human rights;
  • maintenance of cultural integrity, honesty and transparency;
  • highest standards of professionalism and excellence.
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