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Graduate Entry

Graduate entry courses are bachelor degree courses that you can’t enter straight from school. You can only study them if you already have a degree. For medicine in Australia, this degree can be in any field. Graduate entry medical degrees are shorter than undergraduate medical courses. They are usually 4 years, but may be 4 ½ years long. The reason they’re shorter is that the university can assume that you’ve already developed the ability to learn effectively at university level and that you have an understanding of the basic sciences.

Graduate entry courses differ from true post-graduate courses, which are a higher level of education than a bachelors degree. You can do post-graduate courses (like a post-graduate certificate, post-graduate degree or masters degree) by doing coursework. This is by taking individual subjects like you do in a bachelors degree). However most postgraduate courses are research based. These are called ‘higher degrees by research’ and include many Masters courses and Doctor of Philosophy courses (PhD). These courses involve undertaking one big project that takes anywhere up to the equivalent of three years full-time to complete.

This page was last updated on: 23/02/2011