AIDA 2015 was held on 16-19 September at the Stamford Grand Adelaide, Glenelg, South Australia. It was great to see all our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander doctors and students, as well as our associate members, at our annual professional development and networking event.

Here are some highlights from the event:

Smoking ceremony
Smoking ceremony
AIDA 2015 artwork by Mr Allan Sumner
AIDA 2015 artwork by Mr Allan Sumner
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Gold sponsor – Royal Australian College of Surgeons
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Gold sponsor – Health Education and Training Institute
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AIDA CEO, Kate Thomann
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The new AIDA Board
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The new AIDA SRC
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Ngangkari dance workshop
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Torres Strait Islander, Mr Eddie Peters
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Ms Vonda Last
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Emotional Intelligence workshop
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Airway management, defibrillation, IV access and pain management workshop
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Simulated Laparoscopic surgery techniques
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Kalaya Children's Centre visit
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Dr Kiriana Bird talked about Māori health and fitness initiatives
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Associate Professor Michael Baigent presented on the topic of mental health within the medical profession
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Dr James Makokis spoke about Aboriginal initiatives in Canada
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AIDA Award recipients Dr Raymond Gadd, Mr Artiene Tatian, and Ms Gaye Doolan with President Dr Kali Hayward and Dr Lowitja O'Donoghue
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Comedian Mr Kevin Kropinyeri entertained guests during the Gala Dinner
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Local artist Ms Ellie Lovegrove performed with Ms Nancy Bates

AIDA 2015 video


Download the AIDA 2015 Event Report here