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AIDA Board

As members of the AIDA Board, we commit to living and working as positive role models for our children, families and communities. We will work in a way that is reflective of the past, respectful, inclusive, connected and self reflective, and we will demonstrate and communicate excellence, professionalism, transparency, integrity, innovation, growth and evolution in all that we do. We embrace our people's spirituality and pride ourselves on being culturally informed and competent. At the core of our commitment is our belief in social justice and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights and human rights.

It is the responsibility of the AIDA Board to set the vision, policies and values of the organisation and to approve and monitor the plans and processes that will be used to manage AIDA through the CEO.

The AIDA Board is made up of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander doctors working in a range of professional, clinical and academic positions, in urban, rural and remote areas. The Board also has a Director (Student).

This page was last updated on: 28/10/2014